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Pinnacle Partnerships is Revolutionizing Childrens Mental Health

Mental health is quickly becoming one of the most talked about topics in our culture. Whether it be implicitly with #selfcare posts or explicitly like in iHeart Radio and Child Mind Institute's Mental Health Awareness campaign we are continuing to elevate the conversation around mental health. This is awesome because it helps to lower stigma and empower those who are experiencing mental health challenges to seek the help that they need.

However, as we cast light on this essential aspect to human existence, there are undoubtedly flaws that become glaringly apparent. The question then becomes, what do we do about those flaws?

As we talk more about mental health, we are also having lots of conversation around the broken systems that surround it as well as the multiple barriers that lead to ineffective treatment. We know that from the consumer perspective mental health treatment is inadequate due to inaccessibility and archaic approaches.

From the provider perspective treating individuals with mental health challenges are wrought with challenges in and of itself. Providers are often ensnared in the cross hairs of treating their patient based on what they need and what the insurance companies will pay for.

In the startup space, there are many companies that are forging their way to help solve these problems for individuals and providers on large scale levels.

At Pinnacle we know that the changes that are necessary to help children, their families, and communities navigating these challenges will require radical shifts in perspective, approach, and systems. We are poised to make an impact in all three domains so that children, their families, providers, and communities can work together effectively to promote optimal mental health for our current and future generations.

Here's how we're doing it!

Shift in Perspective

Our social media campaigns normalize mental health challenges and help to eliminate stigma. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@PinnaclePartnerships) and Twitter (@PinnShips) to have access to this content. If it resonates with you, share it!

-Our workshops and trainings are refreshing, engaging, and fun. We help businesses, schools, and communities to implement mental health programs, interventions, and promote understanding from the child and family perspective. This allows for more tailored, specific, and effective interventions.

-The Pinnacle Blog serves as a repository of information as well as different perspectives on mental health based on the personal experiences of our guest bloggers.

-We know that one of the most powerful modalities for shifting perspectives is storytelling. Our guest bloggers have intimate and personal experience with mental health challenges and their bravery will make a difference in the lives of many!


The mental health field is also a business. Insurance companies often inadvertently dictate treatment and providers often are confined to thinking about treatment based on what the insurance companies will cover/allow. This is a frustrating dynamic for both providers as well as parents/children and their communities.

Pinnacle is shifting this paradigm by encouraging others to think outside the box of what treatment for mental health challenges entails. Our approach is rooted in Family Driven Care because we know that if the family's voice is held to the highest esteem, the outcomes will be more favorable.

In addition, we are experimenting with different models of service delivery that don't necessarily rely on insurance company dollars.

To help keep providers and systems accountable we have introduced a Rate Your Provider option to our platform. Our vision is for consumers of the mental health system to be empowered to share their experiences to further enable the essential transparency that will inform our innovations and improvements.

Lastly, we know that there is no good google search for children's mental health so we are working diligently on a database of providers with information like availability, speciality, and other recommendations! Subscribe to our newsletter to get periodic updates!


Pinnacle will help with current systems navigation while also providing direct services to families, communities, and providers caught in the limbo of multiple waitlists among mounting crisis. Contact us to learn more

We are always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about mental health to join our team! Send us a shout if you'd like to get involved.

Lastly, I think it's always important to reflect on how far we've come in the mental health field. Things aren't perfect, but with some thoughtful planning and action we can continue to improve how we ease the suffering of our fellow human beings. We are proud to be focused on innovating on behalf of children, their families, and communities!

Pinnacle Co-Founder Dahyana P. Schlosser, M.Ed. is a Child and Family Therapist and tireless advocate for Children's Mental Health. Her passion for helping others serves at the core of her perspective on problems and innovative solutions.

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