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Find Your PERL.
You are not alone.


A PERL is a lived experienced coach driven by the passion to forge the way to a world rooted in mental wellbeing. Through empathetic coaching, PERLs instill a renewed sense of hope and equip families with the tools to navigate the complexities of raising a child with mental health needs. 

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PERLs for Families

Our PERLs are compassionate and empathetic coaches, offering personalized support to parents and caregivers facing the unique challenges of raising a child with mental health needs. By collaborating closely with families, our PERLs provide valuable insights, practical strategies, and a sense of community that fosters resilience and empowers families to thrive.

You are not alone!
Let PERLs guide your family towards brighter days.

PERL for Schools

PERLs serve as a crucial bridge between home and school, alleviating the burden on school staff. By collaborating with teachers, counselors, and administrators, PERLs facilitate effective communication and problem-solving, ensuring that the best solutions come from both directions. This collaborative approach creates a supportive environment for students, where their mental health needs are understood and addressed with sensitivity and care.

Empower your school community with expert guidance. Send us a note to learn more about PERL's role in creating a nurturing environment for students.

PERL for Organizations

Employers that include PERLs as part of their benefit package demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being. PERLs can be a game-changer for employees raising children with mental health challenges, reducing stress and enhancing work-life balance. With PERL support, employees can maintain focus on their work, leading to improved retention, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Boost employee well-being and productivity with PERL's unique benefit package.
Get in touch to explore
our partnership!

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