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Make Your Impact

Today, more than ever, mental health is a critical concern that affects every one of us. Pinnacle Partnerships is on a mission to ensure families raising children with mental health needs have access to vital mental health education, support, information, and resources. But we can't do it alone - we need your help.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health issues. Your support is vital to our mission and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Don't underestimate the impact of your donation. Your support will change lives.

Please donate today and help us ensure all families have the access they deserve.

Thank you for your support.


You make a difference through...

Ensuring access to essential mental health services 

Transform lives with your generosity.


Each $200 donation could provide a parent or family in need with 2 vital hours of expert mental health education through our PERL Service.


Offer the gift of relief and empowerment to those facing mental health challenges.

Providing information and resources 

Make a lasting impact with a $500 contribution, ensuring the continuation of our free, community-focused health events, We Outside: Not Your Average Self-Care Day and Rooted.


Support a healthier, more connected and vibrant community.

Empowering by reducing stigma

Empower change with a $1000 gift. 

Sponsor a 2-hour mental health awareness workshop for a local school or community group.


Spread knowledge and foster well-being in our communities.

Foster resilience and welbeing

Enhance community well-being with an $3000 donation, gifts 20 individuals access to a vital Youth Mental Health First Aid Workshop with certification.


Play a crucial role in building a more understanding and supportive villages and communities.

Annual Reports

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