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Annual Events.


Brain. Body. Family. 

Our annual events help keep us connected to our community ensuring that we share vital resources, information, and experiences to promote great individual and collective mental wellbeing.


We are proud to share that these wonderful events are made possible in large part due to our generous donors and amazing volunteers! Your contributions keep us going. Thank you <3 

We Outside: Not Your Average Self Care Day 2023

Each year in September Pinnacle Partnerships hosts our annual "Not Your Average Self-Care Day" event. This event is meant to be an immersive self care experience highlighting how accessible self care can really be! This exciting event is entirely FREE and promises a diverse range of immersive self-care experiences.


Attendees can enjoy activities such as yoga, skincare workshops, meditation sessions, and therapy animals. Visitors can take advantage of complimentary on-site mental health screenings and even capture memorable moments in a 360 Photo Booth. To ensure everyone's safety, COVID-19 vaccines for all age groups, including updated COVID-19 boosters, will be available.

Check out some pics from this year --->

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Rooted: A Celebration of Wellbeing

Welcome to Rooted our annual Mental Health Month Event! Rooted is an Interactive Community Celebration of Wellbeing! The roots of wellbeing grown within ourselves, our homes, and our communities ground people for a well-lived life, provide us strength through storms, and resilience in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.  


During this event we aim reduce stigma related to mental health and provide culturally-rooted and trauma-responsive resources embedded in fun and engaging wellness activities.  

Check out some pics from last year
More to come--->

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