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A Breath of Fresh Air? Navigating Climate Change and Mental Wellness Together

Climate change is a big deal – it's like a storm that's not just changing our weather, but how we feel inside. It's a lot to handle, but guess what? We're all in this together, and there's hope on the horizon! Let's dive into how our warming world is touching our lives and what we can do to stay strong and hopeful.

Feeling the Heat: Climate Change and Our Minds

When the Earth gets a fever, it can make us feel worried and sad. Big storms, floods, and fires can scare us and make us feel unsafe. And it's not just about now – thinking about our planet's future can be pretty overwhelming.

Who's Feeling It?

Kids, grown-ups, and families – everyone's feeling the climate squeeze. Kids might find it super tough because they're still learning how to deal with big problems. For adults, it's about juggling work, home, and these extra worries. And families? They're trying to stick together through thick and thin. You can learn more here about how climate change is affecting mental health.

There are lots of climate concerns stirring up storms in our minds and hearts!

1. Crazy weather wrecking homes and memories.

2. Not enough food or clean water because farms and rivers are hurting.

3. Getting sick from too much heat or dirty air.

4. Jobs disappearing like ice in the sun.

5. Animals and plants we love saying goodbye forever.

These things and more can all sound and feel super scary, but the great thing is we have the power to change things both within ourselves and for our planet!

Shining a Light: Finding Hope and Solutions

Let's get started! By using energy from the sun and wind, recycling like champs, and growing food that's good for us and the Earth, we're making a difference. And when it comes to feeling better, talking to friends, family, or counselors can help us ride out the storm. Also, finding new ways to reuse the things that we already own is so helpful for the planet and it allows us to use our creativity, imagination, and save some money!

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Every little step counts. Planting a tree, riding a bike instead of driving, or just being kind to each other – it all adds up to a happier planet and happier people. Here is an awesome resource where kids can get trees free every Earth Day! Bonus... being in nature and working on a project like this together is fantastic for our emotional health and connecting to our beautiful planet.

This story is far from over, and with each of us playing our part, the ending can be brighter than we ever imagined. Let's keep the conversation going and the actions flowing!

I hope this blog sparks a light of optimism and encourages everyone, no matter their age, to join the movement for a healthier world and a peaceful mind.

Together, we've got this! 🌱🧠💪🏽

PS- one thing about me is I'll ALWAYS take any chance I can to say stay hydrated for your wellbeing and make sure not to do it with a plastic bottle for the planet! Bye!

Do you feel climate change impacts your mental health?

  • Definitely!

  • Not really.

  • I didn't think about it until today!

Kristi Glenn is the Founding Partner, President, and Chief Experience Officer of Pinnacle Partnerships.


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