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Voting: Don't Count Out Us Kids!

Hi. I'm Aiden Faulk and I am in the 9th grade. I love to talk about voting.

Voting is very important because as Americans, we have the right to have our voices heard. You should vote any chance you get. Because I'm a kid that is under 18, I can't vote yet, but all kids can practice and learn how to vote.

Here are some ways that us kids can be active in learning about voting:

  • Ask questions in school about voting

  • Suggest having a student vote in your classroom

  • Go with your parent or guardian when they vote to practice and watch how it works

  • Research voting rules

  • Keep up to date with the candidates that are running for office

The last time there was a vote, I talked with Tom who was the Warden at the voting poll. Each polling location has a warden and they supervise the poll to make sure the voting is going well and is in charge of the poll workers. Tom said that you can only vote for one party. This can be Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. He said that each voter is given their polling place to vote based on their address and each voter can only cast one ballot. Tom said it's important for kids to remember that if you don't vote then it's like you don't have a say.

My mom has been taking me and my sister to vote since we were little. Now my sister is a registered voter, so I get to go with both of them. I think voting is fun and exciting and makes me proud to be an American.

These are a couple of pics of me voting over the years.

If you are looking for voting information or resources, click here.

**Pinnacle Partnerships is grateful to Aiden for sharing his passion for voting. We love to amplify youth voice!

If you would like to send Aiden any feedback or know another youth who would like to contribute to our blog, please contact us.**

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