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Workplace Mental Health: Coaching and Care Coordination For Parents

Updated: May 13

In today's fast-paced work environment, employee mental health is more important than ever. Recent studies have shown that: 1 in 5 US workers considered leaving their company last year due to the mental health impact on their ability to work. Furthermore, 46% reported feeling less focused, 42% less engaged, and 36% less productive as a result of mental health challenges. These statistics underscore the critical need for effective mental health support in the workplace.

One area of particular concern is the rising number of parents supporting children with mental health issues. This number has increased significantly, from 19% just one year ago to 55% today. As a result, the demand for resources to help parents navigate these challenges has never been higher.

Pinnacle Partnerships provides Coaching services and Care Coordination for Parents and plays a crucial role in addressing this need. By providing personalized support and guidance to parents facing mental health challenges with their children, we ensures that employees receive the assistance they need to balance their work and caregiving responsibilities effectively.

Furthermore, the impact of mental health challenges on parents can directly affect their performance in the workplace.

Moreover, a staggering 73% of workers report that they want help from a trusted resource to identify the right mental health provider. Pinnacle's Care Coordination services offer exactly that—a reliable source of support and guidance to help parents navigate the complex landscape of mental health care.

Care Coordination for Parents is essential for supporting workplace mental health in today's challenging environment. By providing personalized support, resources, and guidance to parents facing mental health challenges with their children,Pinnacle Partnerships helps employees maintain their well-being, productivity, and engagement at work. Investing in Care Coordination is not only beneficial for employees but also essential for creating a supportive and thriving workplace culture.

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