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We support schools and organizations to create, implement, and sustain; family driven, culturally competent, and trauma sensitive wellbeing initiatives, programs, and cultures. 


Psychological Enhanced Response Liaisons provide on the ground and in the moment support to organizations, schools, and families navigating the complexities of children’s mental health. They are trained lived experienced professionals who help all members of a child’s community come together in understanding and collaboration to ensure that youth are fully supported in becoming the healthiest they can be! We provide your PERL with the training and support they need to help your school community to achieve optimal health and wellbeing!


Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth mental health first Aid was designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to be supportive to youth experiencing mental health challenges. This course was created for everyone from parents, educators, coaches, religious figures, local business owners, and anyone else who frequently comes into contact with youth.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have the tools and resources they need to provide simple and competent  support to youth experiencing mental health challenges.


The program involves:

  • Pre-work

  • 4.5 hours of live virtual training

  • Post Test

  • Certification

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Customized Immersive 

Pinnacle Partnerships provides immersive workshop experiences on a variety of mental health and wellbeing related topics. Workshops are customized to meet the needs and learning goals of each group of participants.

Topics often covered in workshops and trainings are:


  • Family Engagement

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Suicide/Self Harm

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This launch is the first step into the joint exploration of the strengths and needs of your school community. You'll also learn how Pinnacle Partnerships intends to support you as you work to meet these needs. 


This is a time for reflection before action. At the end of your workshop experience, we will compile all that we've learned from phases 1-2 and build a blueprint tailored specifically to address the combined needs of your community. 


Our immersive workshops remove stigma from the mental health conversation as we journey with attendees through the topics that matter to them regarding children's mental health. We do this by providing unique insights, practical tools, as well as setting the stage for helpful and innovative discussions. 


We will support you in the implementation of your custom blueprint. Included in this phase are enhanced features such as an onsite Family Synergy Specialist, clinical consultation, and more.


Join Pinnacle Partnership supporters and volunteers.

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